Diamonds are Forever…and so are Tattoos

I​f diamonds are precious results from extreme environments, then what comes from the hearts of those who've endured a troubled life?  T​heir beauty is unique; emerging from differing experiences, their worth is unparalleled.  W​e are all the outcome of our circumstances, and those outcomes leave the world full of people with different attributes and behaviors.… Continue reading Diamonds are Forever…and so are Tattoos

The Pursuit of Happy-ish

Not everything I wanted to share was going to be a soppy post about how miserable my life was or can be. This is the Happy-ish Blog, after all; it's bound to have some positivity involved. I thought today would be a great day for sharing some happiness, inspired by my recent weeks. Christmas of 2000,… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happy-ish

The Monkey on my Back

I used to get so angry with my friends sometimes. They’d treat their parents so rudely and with such disrespect. And all I could think is, “How could you treat them like that? You’re so lucky to have them in your life, even if they’re aggravating at times. Do you not realize how lucky you are?” … Continue reading The Monkey on my Back

Fake-Happy to Happy, Happy

I'm a generally happy person... least that's what I tell myself and other people. I'm sure majority of you can understand that feeling of being fake-happy. Those kinds of feelings you put on, for example, when you're talking to a complete stranger who is blatantly overly happy. And you've got to play along, or… Continue reading Fake-Happy to Happy, Happy